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product feature

1.luffing rope double rope force balance technique  the rope end of the two superlift luffing winches and two luffing   winches are connected to ensure luffing winch single line pull consistent,and the applied force between the two boom structure consistent,and to avoid boom structure damage due to uneven applied force and    improve crane operation safety.

2.xgc88000 adopts design of three independent power units. each power unit equips with 641kw (860hp) u.s. cummins engine with strong power; the spacious power box space is easy for maintenance and repair work.each power unit acts as movable hydraulic power working station and can work as power source during crane assembly/disassembly process to improve assembly efficiency. the three power units can work as spare  power unit for each other.

3.xgc88000 has several moving mode, such as swing, straight travel,

crab travel, cross travel, etc. which reduces ground treatment area.

1.max. lifting capacity  
t   3600
2.max. heavy boom length  
3.max. light boom length 
4.max. special jib length33
5.max. tower jib length 
6.engine output power
kw  3×641
7.max. single unit transport weightt   65
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